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Synopsis: Cure Stardust and Cure Nature have spent many days as Cure Silver Nature, a powerful Fusion Precure who goes around helping other Cures in need and taking on special assignments. However, one day, a seemingly run-of-the mill assignment takes some unusual turns and before long, the Fusion Cure finds herself having fused with several other Cures and lost in another time and place, a world similar to her own but different....

Now stuck with a new life and new responsibilities, she tries to uncover this rather perplexing dilemma while being unaware that mysterious forces are at work around her...

(Think of it as a spin-off to the Precure Academy stories for simplicity's sake XD)

This will be where we put up what Deviant's Cures are appearing XD

:icongamerxz: Cure Stardust, (My Cure obviously XD)

:iconrona67: Cures Nature, Zephyr, Kiwi and Canteballa 

:iconsilverrose808: Cures Lock, Key and possibly the Battle Princess Cures

:iconplegsketch:icon Cures Echo, possibly others

:iconbluegoldwarrior12: Cure X, her team, and possibly others

:iconredvelvetpierrot: Cures Healthy, Cutesy, and Glory

:iconsekaiichihappy: Cure's Diamond, Spinel, Caramella, possibly others

:icondarlychan: Cure Ribbon, Cure Rosebud, possibly others

...And I think that's about it for who's going to show up so far. If you wish for your Cures to appear too, just drop
me a line and I'll update the list. Later XD
I don't know how many people will see this but I would like to tell you guys to be careful.
I just got a message a little while ago from what seems to be Blizzard Entertainment saying
I was trying to sell my World Of Warcraft Account...only problem is I DON'T have a Warcraft
account nor would I ever consider selling it. 

This just screamed suspicious to me, especially when I saw a link they gave me, so I deleted
it but I don't know...just be careful, ok guys?
Just a simple question, and I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's feet here, but
to those of you who have me on Deviantwatch, are any of you on Skype or any Chat Messengers?
Gathering Of The Silver Rose

The rumours were flying around town. A new Precure had arrived in these
parts. Beautiful, elegant, powerful, a force to be reckoned with basically.
The tales went that she tended to show up whenever another Cure was in
trouble, help defeat said enemy with a surprising amount of grace and
with little effort, provide her fellow warrior with some advice...and then disappear.

Almost like she had never even been there.

Needless to say, the mystery surrounding her only increased as the days
went by. Those Cures who saw her or had brief interactions came away with
the impression that she had two sides to her. On one hand, she came across
as friendly and compassionate to people and to other warriors, but in battle
she became fierce and determined. As if a switch had been flipped on in her mind.

There was also the feeling that she avoided contact on occasion not due to
any coldness or what not, but more due to being shy and what not.

One person in particular decided to get to the bottom of this, and her name
was Cure Zephyr. It wasn't like she didn't trust the newcomer, not at all, merely
wishing to properly welcome her to the fold. Probably see if she wished to join
any teams as there was no doubt her abilities would be a major boost to morale.

That's where she currently found herself now. Jumping across rooftops in her
Precure form, hair blowing in the wind, and scanning the horizon for any sign
of the mystery Cure. She came to a stop on top of a high-rise building and
looked over the area, "Now where are you...?"

She scanned...and scanned...and scanned...eventually, it just got boring, and
she fumed, "Oh hard can it be to find just one Precure in this town..?"
The green-haired girl took a deep breath to compose herself, "Calm yourself,
Zephyr. It's not proper for a lady to get all worked up over nothing..."

All of a sudden, she heard a loud crashing noise and snapped to attention,"Darn it,
not now of all times..."

"Zetsuborg!!" In the middle of downtown was a Zetsuborg based around various
car parts shaped into a humanoid form. Obviously a hint that the victim involved
had dreams about being a great vehicle repairman.

Not taking this sitting down, Zephyr descended from on high and smashed both
her heeled boots into the giant's face at terminal velocity, causing it to skid
backwards. She landed on the ground and tossed her hair back, "Alright, would
you be so kind as to return that dream you stole?"

In response, the monster stomped the ground and roared in her direction, causing
the Precure Of Wind to roll her eyes, "Then prepare yourself...cause even if I'm
a lady, I won't go easy on you!" She proceeded to run towards the beast as it pointed
its hands and from nozzles in the center fired a spray of oil-based bullets.

Not bothering to slow down, Zephyr simply side-stepped each shot, causing
them to miss her by mere inches, even sliding underneath one before going
into a hand stand and spin jumping into the air and over the Zetsuborg. It
turned in time to receive a side kick to the face.

It retaliated by swinging a metallic fist at her but she grabbed the end
and flipped over it, bringing the back of her heel down on its head hard
enough to send it crashing into the pavement.

Zephyr watched the monster get back up, its one eye glowing bright red before
galloping towards her at high speeds, swinging its fists in a rapid-fire motion
in the hopes of crushing her. The warrior showed little fear as she began doing
small hops backwards repeatedly, the spots where she previously landed being
smashed to bits by the giant's powerful blows.

Deciding she needed to go on the offensive, Zephyr skidded to a stop before
pumping her fists and charging forward, slamming her elbow into its chest
with enough force to catapult the Zetsuborg backwards and onto its back.

When it tried to get up, she responded by launching her own barrage of
rapid-fire fists into its chest cavity, one last punch sending it skidding
through a trench. The beast just lied there for a time, and at first, Zephyr
allowed herself a deep breath of relaxation, "Thank goodness.."

She prepared herself to finish off the monster by summoning her weapon...when
suddenly, the headlights on it flared brightly, blinding her, 'Aghh!!" Next
thing she knew, she found herself being punched to the other end of the street,
slamming down hard into a crater.

The green-haired girl growled despite the pain, 'Darn it...let my guard down disgraceful..."

The Zetsuborg got up and now stood over her, raising a fist in order to
smash her down. Zephyr watched it descend...only for the blow to never
come, "...Huh?" She opened her eyes and looked up at what caused it to stop...only
to gasp in shock and disbelief,"You...!"

Standing before her was the person she'd been after. Holding back the
Zetsuborg's giant fist with a single hand and looking like they were
barely putting any effort in. Covered in silver cloth that seemed to
form to her like armour, with green fingerless gloves on her arms
along with emerald-colored armored boots. Her hair in a long jade-colored
ponytail with a silver head-piece.

"Are you alright?" The figure asked in a warm, comforting tone of
voice, startling Zephyr out of her thoughts and getting her to nod.
The figure smiled in response, "Good...sorry to butt in like this
but you looked like you could use a bit of help..."

Embarassed, the Precure of Wind turned her head, cheeks blazing
red, "I-I...I was doing just fine...but...thank you regardless..."

The mystery warrior only giggled and with one shove sent the giant
Zetsuborg falling onto its back. The monster didn't take kindly to
this and tried to punch her again, causing her to glare in return,"It's
very rude to interrupt when someone's talking, you know!"

The warrior thrust out a fist of her own and the collision generated a
shockwave that sent the Zetsuborg flying through the air. Zephyr could
only gasp at just how much power this individual possessed.

Suddenly, the air around the mystery figure seemed to ripple and distort
briefly..before she waved her hand and a shield made of silver-green energy
formed around her, blocking a barrage of oil bullets before the shield
rocketed like a missile towards the Zetsoborg and exploded on impact.

Getting pissed off now, it roared once more and leaped high into the air,
slamming down on the girl's area with such force it caused an explosion
of rock and debris through the area.

...Only for the dust to clear and reveal the mystery Cure was barely even
fazed. Her arms looped around the Zetsoborg's and with one mighty heave
she sent it over her shoulder and crashing into the ground head-first.

Raising her hand, she snapped her fingers and a wave of green leaves made
of pure flame spiraled above her hand. She twirled on the spot before waving
it in the creature's direction. The leaves stopped in place before falling
like a rain of meteors on the Zetsoborg's position, setting off a series of

"Wow..." Zephyr could only watch as the new girl took on the mechanized
colossus with as much effort as swatting flies. She couldn't help but feel
a bit jealous though.

"Um, hello over there?" The mystery girl called, snapping her once more out
of a daze, "Listen, could you probably help me wrap this up please?"

"Umm...right! Sorry!" The Precure of Wind inserted one of her Dress Up Keys
into her henshin device, causing a beam of green light to shoot forth and
form into an emerald bow with wing motifs. The wings on her dress flapped as
she grabbed her weapon and flew into the air.

"Soar, O', Wind!" The arrowhead shined with green light as she took aim, green
flower petals flying around her before gathering at her weapon's tip,"Precure
Zephyr Aerial!" She pulled back the bow string and let go, launching a beam
of green light with emerald flower petals spiraling all around it.

The Zetsoborg was hit dead on and engulfed by the green light, "Dreaming..."
It muttered fondly as its red eye closed and dissolved away peacefully.

With the matter taken care of, Zephyr sighed in relief and inserted her
dress up key in the lock for the cage of despair, "Now, Release The Dream!"
One turn and the victim was freed, his dream restored to him.

"Good job back there," A friendly pat on the shoulder alerted the green-haired
girl to the other matter. She turned in time to see the mystery Cure walking
away while waving to her, "Well, I best be going. You take care now, ok?"

Deciding she couldn't pass up this chance, Zephyr ran after her and grasped
her hand, "W-Wait!"

"Huh?" The girl looked back at her, eyebrow raised, "Yes? Is there something
I can help you with?"

Flustered, Zephyr fiddled on the spot for a moment, "Um...I'm sorry, I just..I
heard you're the new girl in town and that you been helping out people like me
a lot so...I just wanted to say thanks on their behalf."

The other Cure actually giggled and waved it off, "Ah, I appreciate it, but
no thanks is necessary. We Precure gotta help each other out after all, right?"
The way she spoke was very warm and even had a comforting tone to it.

"Y-Yes, you're right, I suppose..." Zephyr let go of the other Cure's hand
and sighed, "But I...if I hadn't gotten careless back there, you wouldn't
have needed to bail me out..."

The other green-haired girl's smile stiffened a little before she rubbed
Zephyr's head gently, "Oi, don't go beating yourself up over one mistake,
alright? Everybody's guilty of messing up at one point or another, me included.
What's important is what you do about it."

Obviously, Zephyr was caught by surprise. The way this other girl spoke
reminded her a great deal of how her teacher talked to her whenever she
messed up during practice. Firm, yet with some gentle encouragement mixed

Finally, she nodded, "I suppose that's true...I never did get to ask but
what's your name?"

The girl with the silver-streaked hair giggled, "Oh, my apologies. The
name's Cure Silver Nature. Nice to meet you, Miss..." She offered a slender,
gloved hand to shake.

Zephyr actually smiled a little and shook it, "Zephyr's the name. While you're
here, I need to ask, are you part of a team by any chance?"

Silver Nature seemed to do a double-take at being asked that and now it
was her turn to look away, embarrassed, "Hehe...that's a bit hard to answer,
actually. Technically, I'm affiliated with other teams but I do so much
traveling and going on missions that I haven't really put too much thought
into it..."

"I see..." Zephyr folded her arms and nodded in understanding, "Well, if you
ever do join a team, I'm sure whoever it is will be lucky to have you. The
way you fought tells me you got plenty of experience..."

"I guess you could say that," The other Cure acknowledged with a small
nod, not sure yet if she should tell this person her secret or not, "Say,um,
we should probably discuss this elsewhere, don't you think?"

"Oh, right! Follow me!" Zephyr took the girl's hand and leapt with her to
the rooftops and before long, they were gone and out of sight...

Sometime later, the two Cures sat on top of what looked to be a grassy
hill, overlooking the town. Zephyr pouring up glasses of iced tea for
them as they chatted, "So, mentioned you were here on a
mission, right? If I may ask, what kind?"

Silver Nature took a sip of the sweet and delicious drink before pondering
how best to respond to that, "'s a bit hard to explain, but I guess
you can say part of it is...scouting, you could say."

"Scouting?" Zephyr sat the thermos down and sat next to her, intrigued.

"Yeah, one of my missions is to find any Cures who are in hiding and
convince them to come to a school for Precure I once attended."

At hearing those words, the princess procure nearly spat out her
drink, "W-Wait a say there's a school specifically for
Precure? How come I never heard of this?"

Silver winced and looked away, "My apologies...the school's existence is
kept a highly-guarded secret usually, but because of my mission and my
status, I'm allowed...a bit more freedom in who I can tell and how I operate."

"It's a place dedicated to helping fledgling Precure discover and control
their powers...but if it's existence were ever revealed to the public, you
can imagine the consequences..."

"Mmm..." Zephyr would admit that she wasn't fond of being kept in the
dark, but at the same time she saw the importance of keeping something like this
so hush-hush. "I suppose I understand...can I ask you another question?"

"Sure, go ahead." Silver nodded.

"...How did you get so strong?" The Precure of Wind asked after another
sip of her drink.

"'s a bit embarrassing but..." Silver muttered under her voice.

"..What was that?" Zephyr leaned in to listen.

"..I'm..." The silver-clothed Precure decided to just go for it,"...I'm
a Fusion Cure."

"...A Fusion?..." Zephyr tested the world on a tongue, " what those
guys do in that anime?"

"I suppose you've heard of it?" Silver asked.

"I have...but I thought Fusion Cures were just a story..." To say the Wind
Precure was surprised would be a huge understatement, " long you been
one? Or...why are you one?"

"Ah, well to make a long story short, we've been one for quite some time,
going around helping other Cures since when Cures merge, they gain all the
memories, skills and powers of those who make up them." Silver explained, now
looking even more embarrassed.

"Wow..." Zephyr was finding it hard to speak. This beautiful girl before her
was actually two Cures in one...she now wondered what it would be like if, they would never go for it. "'s good as a fusion?"

"It has its upsides," Silver admitted, "I find it way easier to help people
and my fellow Cures like this. Plus it's great fun to play around with the
new powers I get.." She waved her hand as green flames danced around it, "And
I can sense the life of all that's around me too."

Zephyr was quiet for a moment...before making her decision, knowing it was
a one-way road but feeling it needed to happen, "Miss Silver?" The senior
Cure looked over at her, "I was wondering...would you be willing to let me
and my fellow Cures merge with you too?" She said it with the most straight
face possible.

The fusion Cure's eyes shot open and she started poking her fingers together
nervously, "Well, um...I...I suppose I would...but are you sure? Being a
Fusion Cure is a long-term commitment, especially if you want to go with me..."

"I figured as much.." Zephyr put a hand to her chest, "But..I want to become
stronger, forge deeper bonds with those around me. I want to learn what you've
learned so...please...accept my power and my help..." She bowed to her.

Silver Nature sweatdropped as she thought this over. She herself did want to see
how far she could take this power of hers,"...Well...if you're sure..."

"Thank you!" Zephyr stood up, smiling brightly, "Come here tomorrow
morning. I'll be waiting for you!" With that, she rushed off.

"W-Wait!" Silver glanced down beside her and sighed, "I forgot to tell
her to take back her iced tea..." With a shrug, she refilled her cup
and watched the night sky.


The next morning, Zephyr and Silver Nature stood before one another
in the middle of the forest, knowing this might be the last time for a
long while they got to see each other physically, "You ready?" Silver asked.

Zephyr only nodded, ready for whatever came next. "Alright than..."

Silver touched her brooch, "Precure Heart Translate!" Bright silver
light shined from it as ribbons of energy sprouted forth and covered

Within the realm of light, the two stood on a platform, backs to one
another, the symbol of a star with a rose in the center forming beneath
their feet. Both had their hair down and wearing dresses made of glowing
green and silver energy.

Their hands by their side, linked together as more ribbons shot from
nowhere. Sparkles of silver soon blotted out the stars around them
as the floor beneath them rippled. All of a sudden, the two were engulfed
by the ribbons of light and spiraled off the ground and into the air.

They passed through a giant emblem shaped like a star and a change
came over them. Their forms lost any identifying features and became
little more than two masses of light which spiraled together as one
at the same exact moment they slammed into the emblem with such force
it shattered.

From the falling fragments, the single mass of light took shape as
within, both Cures felt their thoughts and memories blending together
as one composite set. A strange sense of peace filled them as two souls
became one.

The mass of light formed, gaining long, slender legs and tiny feet,
smooth, lengthy arms with equally slender hands, her nails extending
slightly as her body took on an hourglass shape with curves in all the
right places. From her head shot forth a long flowing mane of emerald
green hair, a tint of silver running along the edges.

Ribbons of green light spiraled around her waist before becoming an
emerald green blouse with gold lining on the edges. Pearl-colored
leggings formed on her too as emerald green heeled boots took shape
over them with silver wings on the ankles.

She spread her arms as long white fingerless gloves formed next with
emeralds on the hand sections. Over her top, a dress split down the
middle formed with the tails being shaped like wings. Next, a white
and green breast plate formed with shoulderpads as an emerald brooch
formed on top of it.

Her hair was pulled back into one giant bun before the end suddenly
extended out, becoming a high ponytail. A silver and gold tiara formed
in her hair with silver wings on each side of an emerald. Silver wing
earrings formed in her ears as a green bow tied itself around her
neck with a gold pendent in the center.

Feeling the white heart symbol forming behind her, the woman knew
the fusion was complete. She opened her eyes now revealed to shimmer
with a mix of both gold and emerald as one color and smiled before
landing on the floor, a spray of green flower petals flying into the
air as she announced her new self:

"Shining In The Silver Clothing Of Freedom! Cure Boreas!"


Standing in the grove as light shined down on her, it was as if nature
herself was welcoming the birth of the new Fusion warrior. She opened
her eyes and looked around her, "Huh?" She looked down at her gloved
hands in shock and amazement, "This is...oh!" She put hands to her
mouth, realizing her voice had changed too.

Strong, gentle, yet with a powerful tone to it that could sway almost
anyone. Boreas could feel new knowledge rushing through her mind as
all of Zephyr's memories became hers. Not only that, she got the feeling
all of said Cure's powers, skills, and experiences were now hers too.

With a wave of her hand, the winds started up at her command, rustling
the trees and shrubs, and another wave quieted them. She strode forward,
getting a feel for her new self. She giggled, pondering all she could do with
this ability before leaping off the ground and taking flight to where the others
might be waiting for her.

"I can feel everything...the life around me..the sky, the land...all of it.." Deciding
she wanted to keep this experience, she flew onwards...

Some time later, two other Cures now stood before the new fusion who had finished
explaining the situation. They were Cure Cantabile and Cure Kiwi, "So...we're going to
all merge into a single Precure?" Kiwi asked, arms folded as she looked the other girl
over. She was all for the idea, even if it was a little embarassing.

"I think it might be a good experience," Cantabile admitted to her friend, "I mean, it does
sound like we'll be able to do things we couldn't normally do by ourselves."

Kiwi rose an eyebrow at her friend...before shrugging, "Sure, why not?"

Boreas only sweatdropped in surprise, "You're...serious about this?"

"Hey, do we look like we got anything better to do right now?" Kiwi remarked while rolling
her eyes and smiling.

"At least this way, we'll always be together," Cantabile remarked while putting a hand to her chest.

Deciding there was no backing out, Boreas relented and laid a hand for them. Without hesitating, the two other Cures stacked their hands on top of hers. A circle of light forming around them all. Boreas let a tear of happiness fall from her eye as she smiled and muttered a quiet "thank you" before being consumed by the energy. The other Cures following suit.

The three figures of energy came together in the center and the moment they did, an explosion of
pure power washed across the area, ping-ponging off everything the ripple from it could hit. The Cures and any proof of their lives before vanishing only to be rewritten as they were reborn as a single individual.

The spirits of all other Precure rose up, flying to the source and being accepted into
the fold. A part of the new warrior being born.

Within the light, a single beautiful figure formed, tall and mature with a curvy and rather perfectly developed body type, the peak of maturity. Her skin was a creamy milk white and her body was well-toned.

A long flowing mane of emerald green hair formed only now overlapping and blending with opal coloring and descended till it was almost as long as her new form.

She felt ribbons of pure energy covering her frame as they came together to form an layered emerald and opal-colored blouse, the skirt having white fleece on the ends.

Forest green leggings formed next as long heeled emerald-colored boots formed on her legs with a pearl stripe running along them. On her pointy heels formed small silver wings. Ribbons of light overlapped on her arms and became long green fingerless gloves, only now with the addition of small arm-guards over the forearms. Jewels set in the top of where the hands were.

Next, an aquamarine-colored vest formed over her blouse, hugging her figure just right as shoulderpads appeared too. A ribbon tied itself to the back of her waist as she could feel the breastplate reinforce itself and merging with her current attire, making it look equal parts attire and armour. A brooch with an emerald heart formed on her chest too.

Her hair first pulled itself back into two mid-sized buns on the size of her head before more hair shot out to become two high ponytails with white wing hair ornaments. Even more hair fell down her back as bangs framed her face.

Another, much larger feather-based skirt unfolded over her other skirt, splitting down the middle as white wing-shaped earrings formed in her ears, a ribbon forming on her neck as a winged tiara with a jeweled heart formed in the center of her hair.

Finally, wings of bright white unfolded from her back, making her look more akin to an angel
or a goddess.

Landing on the ground, the new entity opened her eyes which shimmered with a mix of colors, long lashes framing her gorgeous face as she smiled and cupped her hands together. The transformation complete.

"Soaring On The Wings Of Love And Freedom, Cure Aura!"

When the light settled, everything had changed. The world looked more alive and colorful. The new fusion looked herself over, her body and every fibre of her overflowing with power and knowledge, a result of her new status. She felt there were few things she couldn't accomplish now.

At last, Aura opened her eyes, revealing them filled with stars and celestial forms. The
spirits of Precure from other eras having all become part of her, entrusting her with
their powers, hopes, knowledge, and dreams.

Retracting the wings into her back which took the shape of a wing imprint on the back of her top,
stretched in a content manner. "Ahh...well, I guess this is the new me from now on.." She didn't seem to mind too much though as this was a desirable outcome.

It would all be for the better in the long run. Realizing how much she enjoyed these fusions, she walked off, flowers sprouting up in her wake and trees seeming to fill with new life. The memories of all those now part of her blending together. So much to do, so much to see.

She could go anywhere. Do almost anything...but where to start?

Suddenly, she heard a voice calling to her, "Auraaa!!!" She spun around in time
to be knocked on her rear by a familiar green furball, "What do you think you're
doing?! We got a party to get to-desu!"

"Party?" Aura finally realized who she was talking to, "C-Chateau?!"

"Wow, you actually remembered my name, that's a first..." Chateau sighed while
fluttering about, "Look, can we get moving already? The Princess Party is going to
Start any minute now! And you're suppose to be the guest of honor!"

"W-What? Party?" Aura stood up and touched her head, realizing that something
was off about all this. A rush of memories went through her, but they felt foreign.
She followed her fairy and took flight, scanning the horizon. There were places she
didn't know and creatures she didn't recognize.

Her form felt...different too, "Hey Chateau? How long we been partners?"

"That's a dumb question," Chateau spat, "We've been partners for the last several
hundred years. You sure you been getting enough sleep lately?"

That revelation stunned her. Several hundred years? Then...why was she still alive?
She glanced down at her hands. Her form was akin to a goddess, showed no signs of aging,
and was practically immortal.

Just what had her fusion and new status done? Had it reformatted reality to fit
her needs? Or was this a new world created by her desires?

She needed to get to the bottom of this...but first, she needed to see what
this new world and new life had to offer...

To Be Continued?
Gathering Of The Silver Rose
I know I mentioned I probably wasn't gonna do this kind of thing again
heck with it. I'll just do it for fun XD

So yeah,  thanks to :iconrona67: :iconredvelvetpierrot: :iconnakomimi-chan: :iconsilverrose808: :iconsweetangel823: for their help with this Precure fusion storyline so far. You guys are awesome XD

If you guys want me to continue this story and see about adding more fusions, let me know and I'll...see what I can do.

Current Fusion Consists of:

Stardust, (Mine) Cure Nature (Rona's) Cure Zephyr, Cure Kiwi and Cure Cantabile (All Rona's)
My apologies if I worried anybody. I guess I'm just finding excuses to get out of the rut I been in for a while but I guess one of the best things to
do is talk about I'll start with a simple question:

Have any of you ever had a period in your life where you just felt you had rotten luck? That nothing was going your way and no matter what you
did you just felt you were making things worse? That for whatever reason you constantly feel like you're guilty of something, and no matter what,
the feeling won't go away? That at times you make a big deal out of small things?

It's a lot to squeeze into one question, but I am genuinely curious if anyone else out there gets those feelings...



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Current Residence: somewhere in Canada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Print preference: none
Favourite genre of music: something catchy
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: whatever interests me
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: none
Skin of choice: Caucasian to White, but I'm not racist!
Favourite cartoon character: again,too many
Personal Quote: Dreams are like Goals, Strive For Them And One Day They'll Come True.
Synopsis: Cure Stardust and Cure Nature have spent many days as Cure Silver Nature, a powerful Fusion Precure who goes around helping other Cures in need and taking on special assignments. However, one day, a seemingly run-of-the mill assignment takes some unusual turns and before long, the Fusion Cure finds herself having fused with several other Cures and lost in another time and place, a world similar to her own but different....

Now stuck with a new life and new responsibilities, she tries to uncover this rather perplexing dilemma while being unaware that mysterious forces are at work around her...

(Think of it as a spin-off to the Precure Academy stories for simplicity's sake XD)

This will be where we put up what Deviant's Cures are appearing XD

:icongamerxz: Cure Stardust, (My Cure obviously XD)

:iconrona67: Cures Nature, Zephyr, Kiwi and Canteballa 

:iconsilverrose808: Cures Lock, Key and possibly the Battle Princess Cures

:iconplegsketch:icon Cures Echo, possibly others

:iconbluegoldwarrior12: Cure X, her team, and possibly others

:iconredvelvetpierrot: Cures Healthy, Cutesy, and Glory

:iconsekaiichihappy: Cure's Diamond, Spinel, Caramella, possibly others

:icondarlychan: Cure Ribbon, Cure Rosebud, possibly others

...And I think that's about it for who's going to show up so far. If you wish for your Cures to appear too, just drop
me a line and I'll update the list. Later XD

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If possible, would you be able to continue the pretty cure stories pls Wink/Razz 
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I though that the fusion stories were good I was interested in seeing them compleeted
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Cleaned them out, along with a bunch of stories I considered Old Shames. Felt it was about
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what happened to the fusion stories
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